Don't Fuck Up Your Vote
The Independent Voice for Mallee. Enough grizzling. Time for change! I’ll still try not to be boring. Authorized by Ray Kingston Lubeck 3385


  • Fixing the basics: Let’s forget whether something is the responsibility of Federal, State or Local Government. Let’s just make sure Mallee has an acceptable level of access to the basics: health, education, roads, telecommunications. This is vital and urgent.
  • Your Input: The people of Mallee and their communities are not passive bystanders to their future. They are practical and proactive. They deserve real input into the future of Mallee. This means prioritizing consultation and collaboration with real people and their issues and then advocating fiercely on their behalf.
  • Nation Building: We all know that we live somewhere special and with enormous potential. As your representative, I will fight for an innovative and modern vision of what we can be. This will mean exciting things like value adding to our produce, renewable energy, and new tourism opportunities, and the fundamentals including access to transport, public and commercial and decent roads. Mallee is ready for the future it’s just a question of investment.
  • Politics: As an independent, I can and will put Mallee first at all times. This means being prepared to work with whoever can progress our goals. The government, the opposition, minor parties or other independents. I have no political allegiances and I’ll work with whoever is necessary to get the job done for our region.
  • A Voice: Mallee people, and in fact country people Australia wide, need a strong voice representing them now more than ever. Urban Australia is growing fast and is fast losing its connection with the bush. The National party has done a very poor job in recent years of reflecting a modern, vibrant, regional Australia to our city cousins. An Independent Voice that can break that mould and cut through in Canberra with our story of a modern regional Australia is vital if we are to stay relevant in this democracy.